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Two thousand and seventeen


Welcome to my first post on Liddy + Jess.

I figure the start of a new year is as good a time as any to start a blog. I’ve been sewing and knitting for a little over three years now, but am yet to dip my toe into the world of blogging, despite having been an avid blog reader for quite a while. I’ve noticed lately a definite change in my approach to making, from the ‘I want to make anything and everything‘ phase to the ‘I want a carefully planned and cohesive wardrobe‘ phase. I hope this blog will help me to better plan and keep track of my growing handmade wardrobe.

In the spirit of all things ‘new year’ (does mid-January still count?), I thought I’d start with some goals. I’m not a big goal-setter in other parts of my life – in fact, I actively dislike setting goals. But I thought putting some ideas down in writing would help guide me to be more thoughtful and intentional in my making. So here goes…

1. Use or lose my fabric stash.

I don’t have a huge stash, but I do have a few shelves worth of fabric. Some pieces are quality fabrics that have already been ear-marked for future projects. And then there are other pieces that I purchased years ago before I realised that a mint green matryoshka doll print probably isn’t the best choice for my taste or lifestyle. I’d like to spend some time early this year going through each piece of stash fabric and either using it, or donating/selling/gifting it to someone who will use it.

2. Continue on the road towards a totally me-made wardrobe.

There is no way I’m going to have a completely me-made wardrobe by the end of 2017 – but that’s not the point of this goal. Rather, this is to remind me to focus on creating garments that I will actually wear and that fit with my existing wardrobe. If I stick to this then eventually, in a few years time, I will be much closer to that totally me-made goal.

3. Be conscious of where my yarn & fabric come from.

One of the reasons I love making my own clothes is that it means I’m not supporting the ‘fast-fashion’ industry as much as I used to. However, just because I’m sewing or knitting my own garments doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the materials I’m using are ethical/sustainable/organic/whatever-the-new-buzzword-is. I’d really like to start being more conscious of where and how my materials are made, and making more thoughtful purchases. I’m not promising to be perfect, but this is something I want to improve on.

4. Take care and repair

On the topic of sustainability and fast-fashion, I’d like to spend more time taking care of my clothes and repairing things that need repairing. Using sustainable materials won’t really help if my garments fall apart or get chucked out after a couple of wears. I already have a growing repair pile in my sewing room that needs some attention, so there’s no excuse not to get started on this one right away.

There you have it. I’ll be sure to let you know how I go!

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